Thursday, 30 April 2015

An American visited India and went back to America.

An American visited India and went back to America
Where he met his Indian friend who asked him
How did you find my Country
The American said it is a great country
With solid ancient history
And immensely rich with natural resources.
The Indian friend then asked.
How did you find Indians??
Who Indians??
I didn't find or meet a single Indian there in India.
What nonsense??
Who else could you meet  in India then??
The American said..
In Kashmir, I met a Kashmiri
In Punjab, a Panjabi
In Bihar, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala
Bihari,     Marathi,    Marwadi,     Bengali,  Tamilian,    Malayali
Then i met
A Hindu,
A Muslim,
A Christian,
A Jain,
A Buddhist,
A Sikh
And many many many more
But not a single Indian did i meet
Think how serious this joke is..
The day would not be far when indeed we would
Become a collection of polarized states as some
Regional anti-national politicians want...
Fight back -
Always say i am Indian
Jai hind
Pls help to spread this message..... ......... .Be a true Indian.
A HUMBLE REQUEST....Forward to as many INDIANS as possible.
Change yourself not your profile picture. Then Nation will change.🇮🇳😎...🔔✋

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