Tuesday, 24 May 2016

How To Apply For A TIN Number

What is a TIN? 
Tax Information Network (TIN) is an initiative made by Income Tax Department of India to modernize the current system for collection, processing, monitoring and accounting of direct taxes using information technology. It is a repository of Tax related information from across the country. It is unique registration eleven digit number that is used for identification of dealers registered under VAT.
Who should register for TIN? TIN number registration is required for Manufacturers, Traders, ,Exporters and Dealers. When new registration is undertaken under VAT or Central Sales Tax a new TIN will be allotted under registration number. The TIN number should appear on all Quotations/Orders/Invoices by both Sending Company and Receiving Company.

What is the procedure of TIN registration?

You can apply for this number online or visit one of the governments many facilitation centres across the country and submit this form.

These are the documents that you will need to apply for a TIN number
1. ID Proof / Address proof / PAN card of proprietor with six photographs
2. Address proof of Business premises
3. 1st Sale / Purchase Invoice, copy of LR/GR & payment/collection proof with bank statement
4. Surety/Security/Reference.

This may differ slightly from State to State. After these documents are checked and scrutinized, a unique TIN number is provided to applicant. For applicants who have Central Sales Tax number, this can be changed to TIN number on request by the tax department.

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