Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Make your Social business card

Today's world is social networking World so your business card has also innovative and full of your social network means beside of name, address, contact no. It should have your Facebook, tweeter, linked in ID's. By this people connect with you traditionally as well as socially. For this purpose many website gives you the different type of tools for making or designing a unique and innovative business card. This card can also be printed easily.
Socialbusinesscard is the website that give you such type of tools for making and designing the business card.
   How to create business card
              Firstly open the below website in your browser
      Now select the platform means for which social networking site you want to make your business card. Then they need permission  to access your account after conforming your card is ready. You can edit or design your card as you want. Now by saving the image of your business card will download in to your device.
Make PDF slideshow of Facebook images
    Sometimes the shared images of the Facebook are too good and you want to share this by making slideshow then this word is done by single click on the web tool named as picknzip. By the use of this either you can create the slideshow of your album photos or download the images of the friend and the group by single click.
How to do this-
You have to first go to web browser and open this link.
        Now sign in with your Facebook account. Now select your favorite photos and create your slide.

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